Ubiquiti AP Setup Debugging

While trying out a Ubiquiti wifi solution, I ran into one AP not getting installed correctly. It was showing as either disconnected or pending authorization - the latter I think means that it was trying to connect to a wifi netowork rather than the ethernet network it was plugged into.

Through various Google searches, I found that might mean that the controller and the AP were running different versions. I tried a few times upgrading via the web interface to no avail. Finally I got the upgrade bin file by getting it from the controller:

and then scp-ing it to the non working AP - the default user / pass for a factory reset AP is ubnt / ubnt:

scp firmware.bin ubnt@

It then said "Managed by Other" - I adopted via the advanced setting and used ubnt / ubnt for user / pass.

There were some other things that went on, and now the AP is showing as Connected (100 FDX) which means it's not connected to as a gigabit port (even though it is) --- so there's still some work to do.